Abalon Mosquito Control & Elimination

Serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami Dade Counties
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Abalon will permanently reduce the nuisance caused by mosquitoes with regular treatment. Our approach is 2-pronged. We spray areas where mosquitoes are commonly found, which eliminates resident mosquitoes and prevents new ones from arriving.

Secondly, we treat areas where standing water is likely to occur with a substance that is only harmful to mosquito larvae. This prevents mosquitoes from breeding in your backyard.

Mosquitoes are commonly known as a summer problem, and there is a growing concern with the transmission of disease and infection from their bites. Mosquitoes are considered by many to be the #1 public health pest in the world, especially due to the recent matter of West Nile virus, as well as other fears such as malaria and encephalitis.


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