About Abalon Pest Services

Abalon Exterminating Company is a privately owned company dedicated to quality residential & commercial Pest Control serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami Dade Counties.

By providing the finest service and the best value, Abalon has grown to be one of the largest Pest Control firms serving the south Florida area. Our seasoned, highly trained and motivated staff has a proven track record of success in rendering consistent, high-quality service.

  1. Abalon is in tune with the latest technology in Pest Control.
  2. Training for all employees is provided on an on-going basis both “in-house” and by Austin Frishman Ph.D., a nationally recognized expert on Pest Control.
  3. Training covers all aspects of Modern Pest Control: Sanitation, Structural Inhibition, Entomology, Mechanical Control, Chemical Control, Safety, Government Regulations, etc.
  4. Specialized training in Stored Product Pests, Sanitation, and Supermarket inspection is provided by a recognized expert in regulatory compliance in the Food distribution and Supermarket industries.
  5. Wherever possible, mechanical methods of control are used. These are incorporated on a systematic basis in our overall program.
  6. Pesticides are used scientifically. Care is taken to use the least toxic, most effective pesticides. Pesticides are used precisely, in small quantities, placed directly into cracks, crevices, and voids where pests may harbor.
  7. Emphasis is placed on working effectively with our customers to achieve a high level of sanitation and maintenance.