Abalon Residential Sanitizing & Decontamination

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Prevent Coronavirus and Other Pathogens

Abalon Pest Services believes everyone deserves to work and live in a clean, sanitized space without the worry of infectious disease. We provide that peace of mind by providing comprehensive disinfection and sanitization with cutting edge cleaning materials and delivery systems. Protect your family, employees, business and community with a regimen that eliminates infectious disease vectors from your environment.

Viruses as well as other pathogens have shown to be resilient in the environment. Don't rely on just a standard cleaning to ensure a vector-free environment. Abalon Pest Service technicians are trained professionals bringing the deepest level of clean to your environment. Don't take chances with just a surface cleaning, go deep!

Equipment Makes The Difference

Abalon Pest Service technicians employ state of the art equipment and materials to deliver unsurpassed sterilization of your environment. Electrostatic disinfection sprayers provide a positive charge to cleaning material that seeks out negatively charged pathogens.

This delivery system ensures a uniform dispersion of cleaning agents and virtually 100% coverage of any area being sanitized. An extremely effective method to clean an area suspected of contact with Viruses or other pathogens.